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Woodstock Rotary Festival of Music
Also known as WRFM

Official Rules & Regulations 2024

Please read carefully. Changes to the rules have been made.

Entrant’s registration includes Acceptance of ALL Festival Rules and Regulations


The purpose of the Woodstock Rotary Music Festival is to give each participant the opportunity to perform at
their best, strive for excellence, to learn from the adjudicators and to increase their interest in musical studies.



1.  The Festival is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Woodstock in co-operation with the  the Ontario Registered Music          Teachers Association.
2.  The Woodstock Rotary Festival of Music will be known as the Festival.
3.  All decisions made by an Adjudicator are final.
4.  Any question not dealt with in the Rules and Regulations will be referred to the Festival Executive
whose decision will be final.
5.  The Festival is a “Scent Free Festival”.

                                                      Registration / Application

6.  All sections and classes in this Festival are open to amateurs only, regardless of place of
     residence. An amateur shall be defined as any person whose principal means of livelihood is not in
     the discipline so entered.
7.  In submitting the Entry Form, the Participant(s) agree to be governed by the Rules and Regulations
     of the Festival. Refer to section and class headers for specific exceptions.
8.  Registrations received after the registration deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the
     Festival Coordinator.
9.  Music selection titles and composers must be submitted with the registration. NO changes will be
      allowed. Timing must be included for accurate scheduling
10. Applications cannot be accepted from participants who have studied with the adjudicator within the
      past 2 years.
11. It is the responsibility of teachers to see that each participant has entered the correct classes with
      the correct music.
12. Students who have completed an exam IN January OF THE CURRENT YEAR of the Festival may
      enter pieces at that grade level or one grade above.
13. Competitors must enter the Alumni classes if he/she has already won a senior trophy in piano/vocal/strings/
winds or       has a diploma from RCM or CC or is studying music at a university. The competitor must be an amateur.

                                                    Performance Requirements

14. WRFM is a family friendly Festival. Please choose material appropriate for all audiences.
15. Participants in competitive classes must select repertoire from the CURRENT Royal Conservatory
      of Music (RCM) or Conservatory Canada (CC) Syllabi. Substitution/Supplemental pieces are not
16. Participants performing in a Popular class must take select pieces from the CURRENT RCM
      Popular Selection list and the CURRENT CC Contemporary Idioms Syllabus. No
      Substitution/Teacher’s Choice will be accepted.
17. All repertoire selections must observe the time limits prescribed in the Time Guidelines section of
      these Rules and Regulations.
18. All selections for solo participants must be memorized. Exceptions:
        a.) Participants in Non-Competitive classes and all Ensembles where memorization is not
          traditionally expected.
        b.) Participants in Popular classes
19. A participant may play a piece only once during the Festival unless otherwise specified.
20. Original music must be used.

        a.) Participants are strictly forbidden to use or bring photocopies for performances.
        b.) Digital downloads are acceptable provided the permission for use and proof of purchase are
           attached to the music.
        c.) Competitors must furnish “Own Choice:” test pieces to the adjudicator.
21. Repeats are not to be observed except with respect to Da Capo or Dal Segno signs. However,
     follow the Conservatories’ guidelines re. repeats.
22. Vocal classes:
        a.)Must be sung in their original language
        b.) May be transposed to suit the participant’s voice in the Junior & Intermediate classes, unless
          it is traditionally deemed inappropriate to do so.
        c.) Modest, appropriate costumes and/or staging are expected in Musical Theatre classes only.

        d.) No open flames in any classes.

23. Canadian Composer classes must be composed by a Canadian. Studies are not allowed.
24. Participants who do not perform according to the requirements of the class and Festival regulations
      will receive adjudication only.
25. It is the responsibility of participants to know which piece should be played in each class. If a piece
      is performed in the wrong class, the participant will be allowed to play the correct piece at the end
      of the class if time allows. The error must be brought to the attention of the secretary before the
      end of the class.
26. Participants must provide their own accompanists.
27. Accompanied classes must be accompanied by a live piano accompanist.
28. If the accompanist is not ready at the start of the class, the participant may perform at the end of
     the class. A chord may be given at the piano for unaccompanied performances.

                                                     PARTICIPANT CONDUCT

29. Appropriate behaviour and consideration of other participants, volunteers, staff, teachers, parents,
     and guests is expected at all times. Whooping and hollering are not acceptable during or after
30. Harassment or discrimination in any form is not acceptable. Any guest, volunteer, participant,
    parent or teachers engaging in this activity will be removed from the Festival and future Festival
     involvement will be reviewed by the Festival Executive.
31. During a performance, competitors must wear clothing suitable for a public performance.
     Informal clothing such as jeans, shorts or T-shirts are highly discouraged.
32. Participants, guests, parents and music teachers are prohibited from approaching or being in
     any contact with a Festival Adjudicator in any way until after the festival events are complete.
33. No contact between participant and teacher or parent is allowed during performances. Coaching
     from the audience is not permitted; this includes, but is not limited to mouthing words and hand
34. Participants must be prepared to perform on any day or time during the Festival dates.
35. Participants must appear in order as shown in the program.
36. The Festival Coordinator retains the right to change the Festival schedule at any time.
37. Participants not ready to perform within 15 minutes of a class being called may be disqualified.
38. The Adjudicator has the authority to stop a Participant at any time during their performance.
39. All school groups must be accompanied by the required staffing supervision ratios for off campus
     field trips.
40. Complaint process:

       a.) Submit detailed complaint in digital format to the coordinator within 24 hours of the incident.
       b.) A fee equivalent to the amount of the entry fee for the class in question will be charged if the
            protest is not successful.
                                 The decision of the Festival committee and/or adjudicator is final.

                                                      Privacy and Recording Policy

41. Unauthorized photography during performances is Prohibited.
     Parents, guardians, or teachers may record video of their own child’s performance for
     personal use or as a teaching aid provided the following conditions are met:

  •     No flash or light aided photography or recording.

  •     Recording must not cause a disruption or distraction for the performer(s) or adjudicator

  •     Permission to record has been authorized on the registration form.

  •     Photography or recording shall be directed only at your performer.

  •     Recording adjudicators, by an method, is prohibited.

42. Your privacy is respected by the WRFM. The WRFM will not sell or distribute any personal
       information that is collected. Any data submitted may be used for contacting you for festival
      purposes only. There is a waiver on the registration form so that pictures may be used on our

                                                      Scholarships and Medals

43. All scholarships are granted at the discretion of the Adjudicators.
44. First place winners are eligible to move to medal classes. If first place is not awarded or the winner
     is not eligible, there will be NO representative from that class.
45. Scholarships will be paid directly to the winning participant.
46. To be eligible for scholarships participants must enter a minimum of 2 solo classes.
47. Only one scholarship may be awarded to a participant in each discipline.
48. Marks will be awarded: 90 – 92. No higher than 92. An outstanding performance both musically
      and technically: 85 to 89 - a secure performance with good musicality: 80 to 84 - moderately
      secure, a well-intentioned performance: below 80 is below standard for whatever reason.
49. Scholarships will be paid directly to the winning participant.

                                                         Provincial Delegates

50. Only Competitive Class participants will be considered for the Provincial Competition.
51. Senior pianists, brass, strings and woodwind players who wish to be considered for the Provincial
      Music Festival competition in the “open” category must play two consecutive movements of a
      concerto or sonata.
52. Participants who are recommended by the Adjudicators for the Provincial Competition will be given
      the opportunity to represent the Festival.
60. At Provincials a participant must enter the grade level of the selection performed.
      Both pieces must be from the same grade level. Only one must have been performed at the local
61. For Gr 6 and above, vocalists must perform three (3) selections in two (2) or more different languages (eg.
      English, French, Spanish, Italian, German) from the current Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) or
      Conservatory Canada (CC) syllabus.
62. If a competitor competes in more than one festival and is recommended by both festivals, they must
      represent the festival which recommended them first.
63. It is the responsibility of the selected participant and teacher to be familiar with the OMFA Syllabus check
      their website at

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